Sunday, 5 December 2010

Circa 1934

Well 8/6/1935 to be exact!

This is my maternal grandmother on her 23rd birthday, the papers and chip embellishments are from Cosmo Cricket's new range - Circa 1934, with names like Bette & Garbo, they've got to grab your attention, I loved them.

Helen at Red Earth Scrapping sent me the range to play with for this months creative kit, telling me I'd love them and would have great fun... [it's so nice she knows me better than I know myself because at first, these bold patterns had me running in the oppposite direction]!

Yep definitely not the papers I would usually use, but they are perfect for this Hollywood Silver Screen era and now I have created with them... I am rapt with them and can't wait to create some more! They are truly gorgeous... and online images really don't do them justice! I totally adore that heavy damask/doily pattern on the black and cream... and there's a stunning mustard/cream one the same, mmmmm.

So, do yourselves a favour and go grab some, you won't be disappointed!!

Take care of you.


  1. i did get some from helen!! they are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. yep I hear ya! Am working with this same range right now and LOVE IT!! Your layout is stunning. the detail on it is amazing.

  3. LOL.. it's turning out to be a popular range!

    Nadia... I was blog surfing this morning and Helena from Dusty has used it as well, as always she has totally rocked it too!!


    I'm playing with some more now, fun to work with something different!

  4. Mistra this is gorgeous and I love this range too, haven't bought it yet - still debating whether 'I love it' or 'need it'............LOL!!! You know the story about the ever growing stash....ha,ha,ha!!

  5. Hey Mistra, hope you don't mind but I gave you a little 'toot' on my blog and posted a link to your blog? Been playing with chippies and just wanted to pass the credit onto you, thanks for the inspiration!!!!