Saturday, 13 April 2013

Moroccan ATC - The Dusty Attic

This month's theme at Dusty Attic was Moroccan, and Jen has the perfect everything to bring that little bit of Moroccan Essence into your work, with Marrakech Trellis Panels, Moroccan Lamps and ATC Frames to match!  She also has Moroccan Borders and Designs for a complete look.

Morocco is one of destinations on my bucket list... one day I have to visit there.  Just to experience those fabulous colours, authentic tastes {oh imagine a real Tagine}, the stunning architecture... all those wonderful things, one day I will!  Until then I can dream...

I chose to focus on the wonderful colours of the spices; cumin, paprika, saffron, turmeric and cinnamon.  An then highlighted it all with gold accents.

And then of course I had to add a teal coloured bird, as you do!  But the bird symbolises the freedom to up and go, escape your cage and just be gone... to Morocco!! 

Why not join in the fun at Dusty and create a Moroccan ATC yourself, there is a challenge each month on the Ning Site, with a prize up for grabs!  And there's definitely loads of inspiration to be found!

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