Sunday, 28 July 2013

Random Ramblings - Finding Little Moments of Bliss

The other week we had an old friend stay with us, well she's not old but we've been friends for over 18 years!  She lives over 8 hours away and came up for a break.  I've not seen her for easy 7 years... perhaps longer?  And you know what the great thing is... even with not seeing each other for the longest time, our friendships {she's good friends with my hubby too} just picked up where they left off.  Just with a whole load of catching up in the conversations. 

Our kids were born 2 weeks apart, and up until they were about 8 we all saw each other every weekend... but we've kept in touch over the years, because we're family.  Family friends are the best!  Wonderful treasures... even with life's ups and downs and ins and outs our dramas never impacted on each other, or if they did, we got through it.

She arrived back on our doorstep at just the right time for me, funny how that happens.  With her came wonderful memories, laughter, tears... the whole shebang.  And then my sister arrived out of the blue as well... mid week surprises that renewed my soul and being.  This is true friendship... the giving of self and not expecting anything in return, no motives, no hidden agenda... just them as they are, being there for me even though I didn't realise I needed someone!  Funny how the universe knows these things hey?

So anyways, we looked through some of my old photo albums from back in my CM days, cried, laughed and remembered.  I used to journal, used to take photos of EVERYTHING and it all went into albums, unmatched, unedited... just as they were.  OK, I still take photos of everything LOL but I don't do much with them unless they are perfect.  And I want to do that again... and so I've taken the first steps towards scrapping the Project Life way, but my way, coz simple plain cards will need jazzing up for sure!  But enough on that later... this is about finding some little moments of bliss!

My hubby finds all the wrong angles, a photographer he's not LOL
When Julie {our family friend} lived up here, she was always organising things for us to do, and it was always on the spur of the moment.  She hasn't changed... and you have to do what she's decided because it's just not worth the nagging if you don't.  And you're always rapt that you did what she said, because she knows how to have fun... simple clean fun, the best kind.

Saturday we went shopping {yeah that surprised me, she's not a girly girl}, and we bought some clothes and bits that were sooo cheap, and since I LOVE shopping, that was lotsa fun... a little moment of bliss!

Sausages and Bacon sizzling away.
Then Sunday she decided we HAD to go to a BBQ up at the place we used to go every month.  We used to take the kids and they'd play in the playground while the adults cooked and chatted.  Then the kookaburras would come down for the left overs, and then we'd go for a walk through the many tracks.  Was always relaxed and lovely.  It's up in the hills, surrounded by bush, isolated and fabulous.  This time we couldn't get Kel to come {let alone get out of bed}... guess it's not as exciting for a 16yo LOL! Although 8 years ago he'd have been in the car before we'd even packed the lunch!

That's a well fed Magpie!

It was truly blissful... just to be out of the house, in the open air, away from technology.  OK I lie, I had my phone and had to use Instaplace because I'd been dying to try it LOL!  The kookaburras didn't come down though, but there were some well fed Magpies keeping us company!  I took my SLR and took photos of the things around us, and that was bliss as well...

Still asleep at 11:00am! And where did his doona cover go?
So I'm hoping that today, once my child surfaces from his dungeon that we head to the beach, because the sun is out and I have a full tank of fuel... yeah it's winter, but I love the beach in winter.  Perhaps we'll go closer to sunset and hope for some stunning photos... and sit on the beach, watch the sun set and just breath in the salt air... and find another little moment of bliss!

Sugar coated bliss...
This morning, while the house was quiet I was lucky enough to have my cat Sugar sit on my lap and allow me to pet her... I'm sure she hates me because she avoids me at all cost.  But look... she came for a cuddle.  She must have been REALLY hungry... but hey, I'll take what I can get and call it today's little moment of bliss!

Oh I just found another... my hubby bought me a cup of tea.  Me thinking it was normal tea took a sip to find it was Earl Grey... ahhhh a lovely tastebud surprise, a wee blissful moment!

I hope you find moments of bliss too... I'm going to be looking for more each day, to remind me to be grateful for all the wonderful things that happen to us, daily!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post Mistra, it makes you think about the little things and how important they are, and like you, sometimes we worry about photo angles but it really doesn't matter as long as we HAVE those pictures for memories. I loved reading your post.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I've managed to drag out a whole heap of 'not perfect' photos and have them in Project Life Pocket pages now... already even with no decoration or journaling done yet I am loving seeing them all together... makes me happy!

  2. Hi Mistra, it's nice to have true friends visiting and pick up right where you left off I love those :-) You had me chuckling in quite a few areas of your post... BTW you said "its winter" which part of the world are you?!?! Sorry I find this extremely strange, I live in the Caribbean where it's summer - ok ok most of the year is summer for us LOL... I enjoyed the rambling posts and thanks for reminding us to take pleasure in the "little" things :-)
    Hugs, Steff

    1. Hi Steff! I'm in Perth, Western Australia... it's the middle of our winter here so cool days and rain, no snow or anything exciting like that for us though.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!