Monday, 15 July 2013

Random Ramblings... Warm Bodies, Scrap Chat, Inspiration

OK so... I had a confronting post to share today, but it's been drafted.  It's a bit raw to share today, even though the emotions are from months ago, but I will one day.  Getting it written down though... was so freeing, I feel like a weight has been lifted already, likely because I managed to find some positives at the end.  Like a happy ending, and we all like a happy ending LOL!

In not sharing it though I feel a little cowardly, like I'm cheating myself... but hey, some days you don't want that stuff out there, waving in the breeze for all to see, I'll just keep it in the tumble dryer until the sun is shining again!

So... what to ramble about today, because I feel like rambling!  How about a movie?

My hubs and I watched "Warm Bodies" last night, even Kel came out of his dungeon to sit with us.  It was hilarious {not Kel surfacing from his dungeon, the movie was hilarious, Kel surfacing was just a freak incident}... we all laughed at different aspects, Darren totally lost it snort laughing at one scene {yeah Kel and I know he's demented - nothing new there}.  It's a Zombie movie... but a Romeo and Juliet kinda love story Zombie movie but with a good ending, no Shakespearean end there!  It was fabulous and "R" was a bit cute for a zombie!

It was a quiet weekend for me, I needed an 'in' weekend to try and get over this 'almost a cold/flu but not quite' bug I have.  No creating or anything, no ruffles or flowers made... just sitting back and doing nothing {I was SO bored LOL}.

Oh I fib, I made some little hairy snail embie things LOL.  I got a glue gun {yeah, I catch on slow to handy gadgets like that} and had to try it on something so I made little snail coils with hairy twine on buttons. They're cute and I think they'll look great on boys pages.  The glue gun is cool too... it's pink and cordless and so cute!  I need more glue sticks though, the 3 that came with it are all used up already... oops!

I moved my scrap area around a bit, then moved it back... LOL, oh and I found a spot for my new inspiration board my lovely friend Kim gave me.  I wanted a louvre to use as one and went hunting the other weekend with Mel and Sonya from TM's and found nothing, and then Kim goes, "I have one"... whalla, perfectly distressed just as it is inspiration board!  It's cool hey!  Now to put things on there for inspiration... I have a feeling it will end up covered in special things given to me though.  At first I tried to fit it in next to my desk, but over on the other side I get to just look up and see it, so that's where it's going to live.  Well until I move the scrap room around, again... because it never stays in one spot for too long!

So I spent lots of time in my scrap room... but doing nothing practical - but that was relaxing in itself!  It's nice in there, my girly crafty haven!  I have a little 23' widescreen TV I bought in the sales in there now, it takes USB drives and had a DVD player, so I'm set... I can watch my chick flicks in relative peace and quiet without too much interruption from the boys gaming at the other end of the house.

I was reading somewhere the other day, likely on FB or Pinterest... that when you have a clean out of your clothes, ask yourself if you were shopping right this minute would you buy it.  If the answer is no, it goes on the goodwill pile!  I need to do this.  I have a spare room where you can't see the bed because all my clothes that don't fit in my wardrobe live on it.  I need to go through them... tonight, okay soon... I'm a procrastinator but we have a friend coming to stay with us and I need to find the bed for her, so it will be soon LOL!  Oh... maybe I need to take that approach to my scrap supplies as well... oooh that will be hard, let's just start with the clothes hey, much easier to part with!

Thanks for listening to my rambling!  See you again soon!

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  1. Mistra been reading you and Michelle, following along with your blogging. It's been good to read. And glimpses of your regular life. thanks as always for sharing.