Monday, 24 February 2014

Random Ramblings - Weekend Scrap Retreat

This weekend gone I was lucky enough to get away for the weekend up in Toodyay with a group of beautiful women, some I have known for many years.  This was my third time going, but for these ladies it was their 9th annual get-together... which I think is amazing, especially for a private group of women who meet up instead of a shop or profit run scrap-booking retreat.

Looking back to the same weekend last year... that was the weekend just before my life started to unravel.  So it was nice to go there a year on, feeling so much better and surrounded by people who are so caring and thoughtful.  It really brings home the saying "a year from now, will this matter"... because now, less than a year on, yeah what happened mattered, but it was over and wonderful new things are starting for me.  There's still a journey ahead of me, but it will be so much easier than the journey I was on!

Each year we make / buy little gifts for everyone, so collectively we have a fabulous array of goodies! The last times I made flowers, this year I was time poor so I made little bags up with matching flowers, ribbon and trims.  I loved the little bags that Kim found for me, it's handy having my own personal shopper LOL {thanks again Kim for getting these for me though, saved me some precious time}!

I went up with no expectations of creating anything... if I just relaxed, slept and talked for the whole retreat I was going to be satisfied.  So I started creating a reverse canvas... thinking that I could potter over that all weekend and feel like I did something.  Aside from adding a title and a bird, it was finished within a few hours! 

I then created a little page for my art journal...

... and then the mojo flowed!   I created 5 layouts after these... ahhhhh bliss!

But I still did lots of this... sitting down outside, watching the birds, chattering to friends, drinking huge mugs of earl grey tea and relaxing.  Perfection.

I'll share full images etc later.. once they have proper photos done.

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