Monday, 3 March 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 1

Finally I'm sharing my Project Life pages!!  I started last year, and I even did pages for each week, and at the beginning I have shared some... but getting them photographed and blogged was just too much for me at the time.  

So here we are 9 weeks into 2014, I've just caught up the weeks {did 4 weeks worth this weekend} and I thought I'd get into the routine of sharing them again... 

These are just little snippets of our life this year, most likely boring little photos, some out of focus, some of the oddest things... but that's life!!

Like last year, they are still the polar opposite of my usual scrapping style.  I'm fine with that and have now settled into a uniform style that I'm comfortable with - simple, uncluttered with lots of white space and a splash of colour.

Last year I used the Midnight Core Kit by Becky Higgins, this year I have started with Becky's Slate Core Kit, which I love; but I'm finding a little harder to balance.  Likely because it's so bold and simple, but that's what drew me to it.  I'll get there!  

So this is Week 1 and even though it was a short week, I managed to fill a full spread.

Right Page

Left Page

Full Spread

If you click on the images you'll get a larger detailed view.

This year I'm doing the week by week title cards, with a journalling card summarising what happened that week, and then specific journalling where needed.  It's all from my point of view as I find it hard to write in the third person... I guess it's become more of a visual diary for me!

Sorry about the glare from the plastic... I photographed a whole pile at once and didn't have the light or the patience {or quiet pets} to take the cards out and photograph flat.  But it gives you the gist of what I've done!

 photo Signature250_zpsdd4c2565.png

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