Monday, 23 October 2006


Feeling much more myself today... hate those dark days, but we all get them from time to time. Guess it was just time for me to admit it! Life can't be all sunshine and lollipops - because we'd never appreciate them if they were!

Take care of you...


  1. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx23 October 2006 at 11:00

    I just wanted to pop in and say hi to you. Glad to read your feeling happier now. Your too nice to be sad. Yes we all have "those" sort of days. After all we are only human!

    Hope your week is full of laughter and fun. Look after yourself and keep smiling:)

  2. Hope today is a better day Mistra, nothing wrong with venting from time to time.

    Take it easy.

  3. Glad your feeling better today! Isn't having a day like you did yesterday just horrible. Keep your chin up, and like you said we wouldn't appreciate the good days if we didn't have bad ones to balance them up against!

  4. Vent away, I find Blogger very theraputic when I feel I have no one who will listen.
    Hope you have a better week.
    Take care

  5. So lovely to hear you're feeling much better hon. Take good care of you. XXXX

  6. {{Mistra}} Vent away, any time... And so glad to hear you're back on top of things.