Thursday, 5 October 2006

Loving Holidays... and MMM Fabrics!

I am sooo enjoying my holidays. Just being home and pottering around is such a treat. Kel's on school holidays as well... but prefers to go to VacCare. But with me home we take it easy, sleep in and he goes when he's ready for some socialising instead of in a rush in the morning!

I've been scrapping... so far have made a special something for Lynn to use as a Tutorial... it''s really cute and she'll use it for next month. I've also done a DT LO and covered my album for the recipe swap pages... which I LOVE!! It's so "kitsch" and really appeals to me! {Well you'd hope it would since I made it for me!!}

I've used MMM fabrics to cover this and have to say... I love it! It's simply so versatile!!

We've had a chat with the bank, had the valuer over... all waiting on a call now to say yes come and sign your lives away... or sorry! Everything crossed for a yes!!

The house is nice and tidy because I have the time to potter around and tidy it... the courtyard is coming along as Darren was out there again last weekend paving... it's looking good! I have a lot of de-cluttering to do yet... but it's happening slowly. Should of seen what I threw out when I tidied the kitchen the other day, why I collect such crap is beyond me!!

Sunday is a day out with Chelle, Karen, Kim & Lisa. Touring the Swan Valley wineries... so you can imagine what state we'll be in {'cept for Karen as she's 'expecting'}. So I'm really super excited about that... will be the best day!!

So that's about it for now... take care of you!!


  1. Oh very pretty indeed! Love the red and white MMM fabrics you used to cover the album... yummy indeed. Never can you have enough ribbon... simply YUMMY!

    Ahh enjoy the holidays Mistra! Nice to be able to potter around and clean and declutter at your leisure!

    Have fun and see you Sunday!...

  2. A winery, you lucky thing, have a few for me, love that recipie book, cant wait to see the special something for next month Vicki, lol I mean Mistra lol, you knew I would have to get you back