Monday, 30 October 2006

Kim's 40th

Darren and I went to Kim's 40th on Saturday night and had the best time! We were waited on hand an foot by Kim and her gorgeous family {now I know where Kim gets her lovely caring nature from} and it was a special night. I was so honoured to be a part of it.

Had rather a few wines with Chelle and Lisa... lots of laughing and chatter.

Darren excelled and stayed past 11:00... we left about 1:30, late night for my not so social butterfly hubby!! But he had a great night as well - course he did, I have great friends why wouldn't he!

And it was GREAT to have a night out with no kids around... a real grown-up party!!

I love being a part of these girls lives... we have such fun... and it's 'real' fun, no images to keep up, no worrying over saying the 'correct' thing... just a group of great girls. We're a bit like a jigsaw - each part different but fit together so well!


  1. Gee's how unusal for me to have a glass in my hand!!! Actually i like that photo!!

    You know the routine... P;lease send all copies lol

  2. haha Chelle the piss head.. but how unusual for me not to have my mouth open.. haha

    it was a great night and I cant wait till our lunch.

    love the company with you gals, its always a fun evening

  3. This looks like such a fun time and you all obviously get along so well together. I'm sure there will be plenty of layouts to follow.

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!!

  4. Looks like a fun night Mistra, all the photos capture a wow of a time!

  5. Looks like FUN was had by all :D