Sunday, 22 October 2006

Who gives a ....

Not that I think my blog is all that terribly interesting, believe it or not - I actually don't have tickets on myself, and if you're my friend you know that {well at least I hope you do}! But... just want to say to my friends who do stop by... thanks... and sorry I've had nothing to update with for a while, I'm just not in the mood...

Just lately... I just get surges of - "who gives a...". You all know that feeling, and as unfounded as they usually are and as illogical as they may be, you can't help feeling that way.
Guess I'm just tired... anyway... I don't like to moan about myself, that IS boring! I may like to talk about myself {and come-on admit it - we all like to tell OUR story and have OUR say, nothing wrong with that - do you think any of us would have a blog if we didn't?}, but I don't like to moan and groan about things that really are pointless and have no substance or reasoning. But sometimes I feel like I am losing all control over everything in my life... and sometimes I realise I never had control!! Sometimes I feel I don't 'fit' in anywhere... and then I realise I never did in the first place... see - illogical, pointless, no substance or reasoning {sounds like a typical female mind hey?}

So.... in moving on and in the spirit of trying so fricken hard to get myself out of this nice black mood I've put myself in here's a pic of my gorgeous boy in the cool shades he bought today... I particularly thought the lolly necklace was a perfect touch!

And you know what... screw this - I'm going to give that cute kid of mine a cuddle... cause that's what it's all about... life... it's for your children... not rabbling on here.

Take care of you {I do mean that when I say it}... I'm going to go take care of me and my boy. If you got this far - sorry... I'm just venting, it's good to vent... to get it all down, get it out of your head... I was tempted to push delete and make a pretty and happy post... but you know what - stuff it!! ROFL... there ya go - a laugh - well more a grimace but it's the right direction!

Oh... and Jac, if you read this... thanks... you said the right things at the right time!

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  1. Mistra, Darling, we ALL have those days and you are quite entitled to them. Give Kel another hug!! And give yourself one too. ((((((mwah)))))

    Love ya. Vicki