Monday, 2 October 2006

October EDM... "At Home"

This months EDM theme is "At Home" and features Michael Miller Memories Fabrics. I have fallen in love with the versatility of these fabrics. Honestly at first I thought... whatever, just use paper. But it just has that extra "ooomphf", cuts so well and folds well... it's brilliant!!

Tonight I made my first LO for this theme... started of with my clean kitchen and ended up with my oil burner. If I'm at home and relaxing, this thing is burning away... and the scent of geranium oil is in the air! Another one of MY everyday moments...

The word therapy is made to stand out... because this IS my therapy!! Nothing better to relieve stresses... well nothing non-alcoholic anyway and a heap load cheaper than a shrink!!

Sorry about the wonky scan... the scanner went into shock with the pink I think and had trouble, after 4 attempts I figured... "that will do pig, that will do!"

Until later... take care of you!!


  1. Hey Beautiful, had to drop by and see what you where up to. Love your layout, us girls can't get enough flowers ha ??
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Steph xos

  2. LOL! Yep a lot cheaper than a shrink! My m-i-l uses it to relax daily. I wish I could but DH keeps sneezing unless it is Cedarwood! :)

  3. This is lovely, they are coming together brilliantly

  4. Oh gotta lurve all that pink. Looks sooo pretty! Another lovely Lo for your EDM, will look fab when its all complete!

  5. your album will be great when it is finished with this doco of everday stuff. Love the flowres on everything.