Saturday, 21 April 2007

More Scrapping...

I popped into the Hub last night to do Vicki's Step by Step Challenge! Was lots of fun and the tables were turned with her and I. She used to have the panic attacks about not knowing what comes next, and this time it was payback!! So this is what I've created... bit of a mess, but a fun mess and I quite like it!!

I also made a card for Kellan's friend... I'm making an effort at making cards now. Why they scare me is beyond me. So yeah, it's pretty simple and plain - but practice makes perfect. When Peta comes over she'll bring her card portfolio and give me some pointers, phew coz
I obviously need all the help I can get!!

And check these out... now how cool are these!! Just popped them into MaDscraps this morning along with some DeJaView Rub-On Titles, HS Designer Photo Corners, XL Ghost Shapes and Writers Blocks, Arctic Frog and some new WRM Coppered Out Pattern Papers!!

Hehehe... ok so shameless plug, But hey, my shop, my blog... guess I can plug to my hearts content can't I! But are they cute or what... !!

Oh oh... and if you're into kits... check this out. I love this and have had to grab one for myself {so naughty I know... but I had to have one!!}

They're in the shop under What's New as well... am I bad or am I bad! Ok... so we all know I'm bad!!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had the best day! Was so full of love and lots of warm sentiments... I'm so blessed to have such special friends. Darren even spoilt me with some books and a gorgeous card that somehow said the perfect thing and made me cry {did a lot of that today}. Work got me this huge bunch of flowers, Peta and Nes each sent me gorgeous cards filled with scrap yummies, Andrea made me a stunning little mini album and Lynn from work gave me a little candle that has a scent that packs a punch, and it even came with a matching matchbook... how cool!!

Mum and Dad gave me this gorgeous lamp... now is that stunning or what, I love it! The inlaws gave me a voucher and my sister gave me a tote bag filled with goodies like a shawl, lip gloss, body lotion etc... I've been so spoiled with all these gifts and all the phone calls and emails.

So... that's been my last couple of days. Oh, see in the photo with the lamp - the window slot thing in the wall... that's the couch in front and that's where Kel sits... and the lamp is on my desk. So while I'm rabbling away on here - he's sitting there usually rabbling away at me. Love those slots in the wall!!


  1. well didn't you get spoilt.. you lucky duck you.. I love the lamp that is different yet perfect for you.. Glad you had a good day too.. and stop teasing with the yummies.

  2. Sounds like lots of yummy stuff there Mistra! Glad you had a great birthday. You know it's special when things like cards, make you cry :)
    Love your card! I pretty much suck at making cards too LOL.
    and Oh,'ve been TAGGED!! You'll need to have a read of my blog
    Scrapbook Nook Have fun!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Mistra! *hugs*
    Thank you so much for posting off SM Vol 8 no 8! :) Crissy

  4. Happy belated birthday from me too :-D

    and Tag you're it! Check out my blog ;)