Monday, 16 April 2007

Oh oh... I forgot to share this!!

I can't go to the Hub Retreat in Adelaide, mainly for financial reasons {while the retreat and accomodation are a great bargain, I know myself well enough that it would cost me a heap load more than that and with Darren not working - ouchy!!}. But I already had the airline tickets that of course were non-refundable!
Well there was another sale on so I was able to simply transfer the tickets and am going to spend 3 days in Melbourne with Jac since she can't go to the retreat either, we'll have our own little retreat!
I'm so excited. I've been chatting via msn with her for over a year and it will be wonderful to meet her IRL - share a real GJ coffee together - run amock with her boys - meet some other Melbournite's we know - talk scrap - see the "duh's" - just experience her everday life for real and be able to give her a real hug!!
It feels a bit decadent going to Melbourne while we are watching our pennies, but it would be silly wasting the tickets and won't cost me much more on top of that - Jac's a great budgeter, she'll keep me in line!!


  1. I heard this bit of news from Jac and I would love the chance to meet up with you while you are here :-D That is if you don't run out of time lol

  2. Sam, that would be awesome! I'm sure we'll be able to get together - I don't need to be sightseeing!!

  3. Yeah Sam mentioned this to me today. I too would love to catch up with you while you are in Melbourne. :D

  4. Oh Yayyyy... I keep forgetting how many Melbournites I have "met" online... I'm clapping my hands - this will be such fun, now I wish I was staying longer... well there's always next year!!

  5. Have the best time Mistra - can I suggest a great Spanish resturant in Middle Park??? lol

  6. I can't believe your not going.

    Doesn't money suck.

    Gonna miss you honey. Have a great time in Melbourne.

    Steph xo