Sunday, 15 April 2007

Doing fine...

Yep... all's good. Nothing exciting to report on the Hoolahan front. Darren turned 40 today and it didn't hurt him like he thought it would!! We took the family and his best mate out for lunch, has lots of chatter and laughs... came home where the boys had lots of chatter and laughs and I scrapped!!

Here's this weekends work, fuelled by Jill's challenges at ScrapWitch!

Yep... the cat yet again... the child won't sit still long enough, the cat does!!

I have NO idea how Kellan can watch TV upside down and twisted around... this is a typical TV watching position for my warped child!!

Us today.. Dag's 40th... don't ya just love that goatee... NOT!!

And that's the simple truth!

Oh... I'm also pleased to say that I used nothing but scraps to create all these... Crissy would be pleased!!

Have a great week everyone!! Will update on my life when I get one!!


  1. As always nice LO's Mistra - love the cat one!!!
    Glad that everything is cruising along nicely for you - and happy b'day to Darren - see - told him it wouldn't hurt...

  2. Great LO's Mistra and I am especially impressed that you just used your scraps.

    Got to love Kellan's TV watching position LOL.

  3. lmao...I love this piccy of ya yawning