Monday, 4 February 2008

New Photo Trick

OK... long story short. Was bored, went blog surfing. As usual spent 20 hours drooling at KarenB's blog {sorry Karen, should comment but got well sidetracked!!}. ANYWAY.. .she DT's for Crafting in Style and they are doing Photoshop Lessons... so I had to go see, being a PSE nut myself... and I find this treasure. How to create a vintage hand-tinted style photo! I spent most of yesterday playing... this is one of my faves:

Karen and Lisa @ Houghtons... unedited shot.

Edited version... isn't it pretties!! I just love the dreamy effect... I think these would be perfect for wedding shots, and they work so well on outdoor people/landscape shots. I'm inspired again!

So yeah... I have a shop and I might be considered stupid to link to another one... but CIS have great tutorials and ideas, and I believe more in spreading the knowledge around and giving credit where credit is due than I do pretending there's no other shops out there, and I had to share this with you all!! Go check it out, they run a challenge each fortnight to go with the lessons, the links lead you to this tutorial... eek and I hope they don't mind me linking!!

Oh... but don't forget to come back to MaDscraps... LOL!!


  1. Wow this is fantastic Mistra and I'm certain CIS will not have a problem with the link - I've been meaning to go take a peek at the photo lessons myself been drooling at karenb's too hehe

  2. "Share your creative knowledge" that's my motto Mistra (but you already know that!). I will have to go check out Karen's blog now and CIS!
    Love the photo too - the effect is beautiful!

  3. Yep sure do... that's why I think you're one of a kind Sharon and was so refreshing to see someone so happy to share!! You'll love Karen's blog Sharon, she's another gorgeous person who is happy to share!! Go see Sharon's site as well girls... her link is on my side bar -

  4. No problem with the link to CIS at all Mistra :) glad you like the photo tricks I love the vintage hand tinted one too. Definately my fav so far. One of our members foudn you and we have linked back to you in the forum so spreading the love lol!

  5. Awww Mistra, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am LOVING the Photoshop lessons, you're never too old or experienced to learn new stuff!! And of course it's a great excuse to play too :)

    I love what you've done with your piccie btw, can't wait to see how you scrap it :)