Sunday, 24 February 2008

Scrappy Sunday @ Sharon's

Today I had a wonderful day up at Sharon Manning's house scrapping away with a group of gorgeous ladies! I even managed to get 4 LO's done! Her hubby made a delish lunch of continental rolls and homemade pizza... which was divine. The views were to die for, was pretty close to heaven up there!! Oh and we made the CUTEST little mini album as a make and take... can see myself making many more of these with all my offcuts etc!

So here's the LO's:

Kel watching TV in a box... say no more!!

A pic from Fathers Day last year. The photo was tragic and it wasn't until I learnt to do the vintage thing in photoshop that I managed to make it look acceptable! So finally it has been scrapped!

Kel playing his games... hard to get good shots of game play so another tragic shot, but this part of his life needs to be recorded, to look back and laugh or look back and thing wow, so he was addicted even back then!!

And this one of our meeting with Gloria, my MIL's cousin. She is one lady with the soul of an angel... she's simply gorgeous!

Soooo... I'm joining in the ATC club on Sharon Manning's forum... this is going to be a HUGE learning curve, but should be fun. I've already started... well I have lace, pearls and some antiquish paper... 1st theme is Vintage... eek!!

And then... I'm going to have a go at the Art Journals the girls have been working on. I've been drooling over Cath's and Jen's for weeks and they are simply gorgeous IRL... and Vicki had one as well and it was gorgeous... so I thought it would be nice to have one for myself. I'm weeks behind but I'm going to work on it at the retreat and catch up there... saves me freaking over finding photos!!


  1. Well all I can say is you've done it again but I will say I am so jealous that you're able to get out and scrap in company - dying from lack of creative input here & ykwim about that.

    woohoo hehe ATC clubs and Art Journals - ***grin*** just as well you're not and OTP'er hey!!!!!

  2. you certainly have been very busy havent you.. great layouts there Mistra.

  3. I'm also jealous of you and scrappy social life. What fun! AND you actually stopped chatting enough to scrap!

    I myself may have to indulge in an art journal too - looks like way too much fun...