Tuesday, 19 August 2008

M O O N... that spells Moon!!

Went to Lisa's on Saturday night to drop of some orders {aka: excuse for a chin-wag} and she had taken so awesome moon pics... and showed me how too! I was so excitement! The moon was a bit high by the time we got organised, I think we'd get better shots when it's low in the sky and all orange... but here's mine:

I've saved it to desktop size and it's my background for now, love the detail on it!

Thanks Lisa... loved the photo lesson and the natter time... oh and the lemons!!

Take care of you!


  1. oh you are so welcome.. its good to share something like a moon and a chin wag.. lmfao... no worries about the lemons too.. got plenty of em.

    have good one.. off to click now.. haha

  2. ooooh look - there is the easter bunny with his basket of eggs!!!!