Saturday, 9 August 2008

SW Cyber Cropping

CC Weekend at ScrapWitch again... love these CC's! 4 challenges {usually evil} over 2 days, a bit of chattering and no pressure to 'have' to be there.

You know I've been a member of SW for over 3 years now and faces have come and gone, even I did... but it's still 'home' to me. It's where I met Lisa, the very 1st person I ever met IRL from Cyber World... what a journey I've been on since, well all of us really... wow, has been like a roller coaster!!

Well anyways... enough with the emotions... here's todays's LO's!

This was a sketch challenge, Jill and her circles!! However I can cope with the circles, it's the crooked sheet in the background that does my head in!!

I used my new fav {yes... I have to say it is up there with my eternal love for Basic Grey... almost taking it over right now} Rose Moka, I so wish my stock order for the shop would hurry up!! I've teamed it up with another new fave "Get Happy" PP's from Cosmo Cricket. I nabbed one of the 8x8 Pads and have been using it for everything! They have these quotes and tags and bits in there, cut 'em out, stick 'em on chipboard and whalla... homemade embie!! Have also used American Crafts Foam Thickers and Basic Grey Buttons.

This one was a mini step-by-step which was fun {once I got some coffee in me, it was the 1st one up!} I'd been wanting to scrap these blooper pics of mum and Kel but had no inspiration, so being told what to do was perfect... if it was a tragedy then I could blame Jill... rofl!! But I love it!

Have used some Daisy D's Papers out of the Reflections kits, yummy oranges and teals. Heaps of flowers... woohoo! Have used Prima and Prima and Prima and a some Green Tara.... and some Prima! Letters are American Crafts Foam Thickers and Buzz & Bloom "That 70's Font" and more Basic Grey Buttons!

Today was a good day though... a really good one! Started one of the LO's this morning, went to mums and did a LO there for her friend, had lunch and nattered about this book we'll be destroying together. Came home and finished the challenge LO and did the other one and then ran off for dinner out and a movie. We dinner at Fast Eddy's, Kel had his fave Nachos, I had soup and Dags had a BLT... all timed perfectly as well with the start of the movie. We went and saw The Dark Knight... wow, long movie, but wow... was really good... sad, scary... good!! So that's today! Tomorrow DH's bro is coming over so I'll get to scrap in peace while the boys play... well peace as in I won't have to 'be with' Dags... certainly won't be quiet I can tell you!!

Last week was a pretty good one at work. RSI kept itself at bay, headaches still at bay {thanks the Vicki's friend Heather}, quotes all at bay! Was so good to have a quiet one... really needed it! Spent most of the evenings counting the last of the clearance stock... I have soooooo much clearance stuff! But it's all counted now and just have to pop it into the shop when I get time during the week, which if done in bits I quite enjoy... I do muchly like playing with the shop! Darren got a continental day shift, 6 months earlier than we thought... so we are rapt! It's just what he's been wanting. He's fitting in so well at work as well... all's good!

OK... will share whatever I create tomorrow, although I am fast running out of photos again... might need to go find the cat again!

Take care of you!


  1. Heavens Mistra! Doesn't time fly? I know what you mean, and yes, when I run out of photos, I call the puppies! LOL! They usually will come, and usually, they will let me take photos! LOL!

  2. You have been busy! I always enjoys popping in here and seeing what you have been creating. And your new shop looks awesome - must have been a bit of a job to get it all just right!
    Have a good week.
    Sharon xo