Monday, 25 August 2008

That big white thing in the laundry keeps beeping at me... blasted thing.

So far I've not had much time to sit and enjoy my new scrap area... because of that big white thing; I have however managed to do 6 loads of washing... said it was evil...

And don't miss seeing that other evil thing... that which begins with 'i' sitting there trying to look innocent... at least it doesn't beep... yet!!


  1. LOL my iron does beep at me when I leave it on and walk away it tells me that it's going to shut off! Kinda like husbands really!!!! LOL

  2. yeap mine beeps too when left on and not doing anything.. lmfao.. as for the washing machine.. how many times should you wash one load of washing before you should no longer wash it anymore..

    I think I need to really hang out the recent load which is washing once more.. lmfao