Thursday, 28 August 2008

Here 'tis!!

All delivered and in place... still have some things to move out, and some things to move around to give some more space to walk around... but it's awesome!! I'll be able to fit 8 bodies with heaps of room... so excitement!!

Darren has decided it will be perfect for LAN gaming as well... hmmm, well I guess so long as they don't interfere with my scrap nights it would be fine and who knows, they might decide to start scrapbooking as well... rofl!!


  1. Mistra that is so cool - how much space isthere??? Wicked.
    Can't wait for the first scrappi dais

  2. Wow Mistra how good does that look!! (Happy scrapping)

  3. look out tuesday here I come.. lmfao.. I dibs the top end.. lmfao.. its going to be so good to have so much room to make a mess off..looks great.. and even better.. IT WAS FREE!!!!