Sunday, 24 August 2008


To bring you up to date... for weeks I have been harping on about the board table at work that has no home, I asked if I could give it one! Well I got it, and all the chairs that come with it... it comes on Thursday atm. Huge excitement there as I can host Scrappi Dais more often and take the pressure of Chelle, our fave SD Hostess... plus I can host open crop nights as well, and maybe even start teaching.

Only trouble was... I had to move my scrap room... there was no way a 12 seat board room table was fitting in the shop, with me in it!! That also meant 2 years of scrap clutter had to move.... HUGE job. Yes, there was worry, there was frustration... there was even tears... and yes, true to Lisa's dream... there was an avalanche!! All the boxes fell over, although not on me... they did however trap me in a corner until I got shitty and got myself out of the corner... aka "had a tantrum"... gotta love adult tantrums!

Karen coached me until almost 1am our time on the phone... and then today Lisa came over and helped move, and cleaned and mopped... such a sweetheart!! I'm now out in the Activity Room, taking up the whole room... very nicely spaced out... as in space, not as in "spaced out on drugs" spaced out... lol!! I'm next to Kel's room and the DaZCave... they are noisy buggers, but it's nice being out here with them! Also near the laundry, and although the fabric softener smells pretty... I don't like this thing beeping at me... and that "I" word thing looking at me... evil contraptions... I am seriously hoping I can pretend it's not there!!

So anyway... after 3 days of turfing, sorting, cleaning and moving... I am moved! Dags hurt his back, mine is not impressed, I am covered in dust and cobwebs... and I'm happy as a pig in shit atm!! I have some more little bits to do, but will do them through the week... really need to rest right now!!

Here's the shop area with just the shop stuff... it looks so empty now!! Will take a pic when we get the board table and show you the whole kit and caboodle!! The mess in the middle is the 4+ boxes of Trash and Treasure stuff for the girls to rat through when they come... will be easier to go through when I get the table in there, will put it all on the table for easier 'ratting throughing'!!

Take care of you!!


  1. Wow you have been busy! Can't wait to see the boardroom table too. Be sure to add me to your Scrapping day invite list - I'd love to come along. Take care and see you Saturday!!!!!!

  2. it wasnt as bad as it seemed... but then again you did do lots.. lmfao

    now to keep it clean and refrain from buying anymore furniture.. lmfao