Thursday, 18 September 2008

Last night...

In my dreams...

I rode in a space ship {after remembering to put my helmet on of course}...

and on the way back to earth I cloned myself and 3 cats {not into one being, that would be plain silly... there was 3 other me's and 9 cats, 3 each of 3 kinds}

with a Dodo bird {the Dodo bird was the cloning tool... well duh you say}.

If you can explain that one for me... it would be wonderful!!

LOL... and yes, I do worry about myself!


  1. I'll explain it for you Mistra! Stop taking LSD before bed!!!! LOL

  2. OMFG.. your insane woman.. and I think Sharon has it.. you taking something before bed time.. lmfao

  3. ha ha ha ha Sharon is so funny - a dodo bird Mistra ?????

    Can you email me lovey about your ATC's

    Thanks chicken

    Luv Jen xxx

  4. What on earth did you eat or drink before you went to bed Mis...LOL...I thought I had some weird dreams, but boy this one takes the cake...LOL