Monday, 15 September 2008


Oh well, so much for getting back yesterday! Jill threw a couple of curve balls at the CC yesterday and I admitted defeat and caved... so went and did Amy's challenge from Friday night because it looked like the lesser of 3 evils! It was in fact a huge amount of fun this one... white cardstock, photo/s and ink {or pencil etc}... that's it. And yes, I almost died... and then created this:

Very heavily inspired by Rusty Pickle Pop Star papers... but a girl has to start somewhere when doodling a full page for the first ever time, and when most doodlers I know are all girly I had to find somewhere to start, not only with boyish doodling but older boy doodling {Kel is sooooo fussy now}... I've changed the arrow to red now though, looks more balanced. But I had the BEST fun doing it and Kel loves it, says I should do all of them this way now. Be cheap if I did hey!

So after this I went and stared at Facebook until it made sense... and now I find I've spent most of tonight there, not good!! Well dinner did get cooked and Kel and Dags are having a 'boys' night... watching A Space Odyssey together of all things... my boys are weird, but that left me up to my own devices!

OK... well I best be off to do some of that sleeping thing!!

Take care of you!!


  1. LOVE the layout Mistra - you are so clever!

  2. what an awesome layout.. thats funky.. see what you can do when you set your mind to it..