Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What's today?

I so love holidays, love not knowing what the day is!! Yeah, I know it's Wednesday... but I've had to double check 3 times today...

Scrapped some more though... finished some challenges Jill set at ScrapWitch and Aussie Scrapbooking. Has been nice to have the time to do the housework, get all the shop paperwork done AND scrap as well. I really need a little win in lotto so I can live this life a bit longer... I quite like it!

The 1st 3 are Step by Step challenges, the 3rd being me going off on my own tangent as all the bits were not going to work for these photos of Kim and her racing boat. Both took a bit to get my head around as I had trouble making them 'me', but got there in the end, using old stash as well!!

And this one was for a Use Your Stash Challenge... 1st we had to grab a big handful of PP and sort it into Use, Reduce, Recycle piles... then with the Use pile grab the oldest PP and use it!! They were perfect for this photo from the weekend!!

Oh... and this is the paper clean out... I decided to do the whole Cropper Hopper and be done with it... I didn't throw any out though, it's all put aside for people to help themselves to whenever anyone is over... and then what is left of that I'll hand onto a Kindy or something.

Have a few hours to kill now before I go pick up Karen from the airport, might get some folding done and watch a movie because if I keep scrapping I'll have nothing left to scrap when she gets here!!

Until later... take care of you!!

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