Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some ATC's and a Layout

Finally... my ATC's are finished and up to date. Well they've been finished for weeks, just not backed and I was so slack! But they are all done now. Was supposed to pop upto Scraptivate and get some of the thick board backs I like for them, but got hit with a whammy of a headache migraine wannabe thing that I couldn't move let alone drive... and once the drugs killed the headache I wasn't fit to drive still, sux!! But I was fit to stick backs to cards and write on them!!

These are for a Flowers theme which I feel I have flunked... yes, Miss Flower Queen herself got stumped on flowers!! They are called "The Language of Flowers is Timeless"... man I can dribble bullshit... rofl!! I did have fun making them though... lots of techniques on there that can't be seen anymore!

These ones however I do like very much, for a 'white' theme and I chose Snow White! I used tissue and mod podge with glitter to make a snow carpet over the word snow... see what I was doing huh huh... rofl!! well I like the simplicity of these ones!

And here's another Layout {derr you say}!! Took me two days, spent last night staring at it and got nowhere... however I did find inspiration for an article for Aussie Scrapbooking while staring at it... so I guess that's what was meant to happen. This morning I finished it after I got my thumper under control!!

OK... so that's my weekend. Not quite the full on scrap fest I'd planned, but the house is tidy and I acheived some things!! Now I'm off for another nanna nap!!

Take care of you!


  1. I love the Layout....the title is perfect for picture!! And I was a good girl, its the cheeky Mis Jules that is being naughty hehehe!!

  2. awesome layout.. love it.. and the title.. so you all .. lmfao..
    yoru snow white atc is so sweet.. very nice.

  3. Oh for goodness sake, Why is it that I always get the blame.
    he he he
    man look at my face looks like I is enjoying it a bits toooo much
    Love it btw Miss.