Monday, 1 September 2008

Finished... well kinda!

But it's finished enough for now, until I find some special bits that might add to it.

So this is a quick story about me, my childhood and my life now... not knowing what we were doing I though this would be easier... now I know how to tell the story without words etc I want to do better, take my time and create something perfect. But most things in here are special to me, so for a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

The Cover... I left this very simple to keep the image, this was one of my grandmother's books from when she was a girl.

The shadow box holds a bluebird brooch that both my sister and I have. This one {mine} mum put onto my wedding horseshoe when I got married... now it has it's own home.

The butterflies you see throughout are me... I love them!!

The cross and bee is representive of my sister, she's always had a thing for crosses and her iddy tatoo is a bee, another of her fave things.

You can't see it well here but there is a silver Church charm I've had since I was young. This pic was taken not long after we were married.

The locket has a butterfly on it, I aged this myself!! I can't find my silver one anywhere, but when I do it will end up in here! Kel has a penny on his page... these were my grandad's and I used to play with them as a kid, Kel and his cousins do the same.

So now starts the hunt for fab materials, emphera and memorabilia... although between my mum and Darren's mum this should be cheaper than scrapbooking!!

I've made another one today as well, a mini version for a friend. Will show and tell later once she has rcvd it!


  1. Hey Mistra - stuck in Perth till midnight but I am glad I am so i could see your finished book! It's amazing -you have certainly done a sensational job, I love it. Good on you and I am so glad you liked the class - you are now a mixed media artist extraordinaire!!!xo

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  3. Oh my gosh Mistra - your book looks awesome and I can't believe you have finished it! I got such a buzz from seeing you jump in boots and all into the workshop and enjoy yourself. Thank you for your kind comments, it really was a pleasure to have you and your Mother here for the weekend.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your holidays!
    Love Sharon xxx

  4. Oh Mistra it's beautiful your so talented..well done.
    Cath xx

  5. It really does look stunning... i'd be too scared to touch it, its looks very delicate.

    So will you have lots of new things to teach us?? haha