Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mojo still MIA...

Still struggling to scrap without effort, I know I shouldn't force it if it's not happening... but I want to scrap... just not doing the best job of it right now!

Anyway... this is me when I was 4 I think... not got the date on there yet as I have to ask mum, I know it was taken after Singapore and in QLD {Enogerra perhaps because of the fence}... so thinking I was 4, but I look younger... mum will know! I've been wanting to scrap it for ages using these god awful Kaiser papers... why I bought them I have no idea... but they suit the retro era and I got them to work.

This one {another old pic} I did last night and today... used a pagemaps sketch for it again, they come in big time handy. Managed to sneak some butterflies in there, not sure if Kel saw them... hehehe

So... home front... ups and downs. Tat died on Tuesday night, pretty much in my arms. We're sad, but relieved as well. She was ready to go {well over 15yo} and it was her time... she's been a spazoid puss for about 6 months... dementia etc so we've been waiting and were prepared. She passed at home and not in pain... just slipped away quietly, so we're pleased about that... a nice way to go if you've got to go. She's out with Jasper and Sassy now... an end of an era for us as the 3 of them were a part of mine and Darren's beginning. One thing that touched us most... the day before she died, our two boys Tiger and Shadow ,were on guard duty with her... they knew and looked after her, it's nice to see that animals can have that human emotion...

And me... well I've not been well... not sick sick, but definately not well and have been keeping my head down. Which is why most people haven't seen me online lately... it's enough trying to go to work and be a mum atm, also why I've not had the best patience in the world either... seems there is a limit to the amount of stuff I can deal with!! I've been suffering major dizziness and was thinking it was the cold I had, but have been over that for a fortnight now and still have the dizzies. So I'm off to the docs next week to get him to check me over. This is God getting me back for teasing Jules {aka The Dizz} I just know it! I have the best Doc though so he'll sort me out!

Darren's been working heaps of overtime, to try and help us get over a nasty bill month and get ahead for Christmas... so it's been fun and games on the energy levels... he has none after a hard slog 13 hour shift poor bugger... so it's up to Dizzy Missy to do all the housework... rofl... hence housework not done, tough, it'll get there in the end, always does!!

And that's about it... for me this week anyway! I'm going to get off here and go veg on the couch for the arvo... figure it's hard to fall over while laying down!!

Until next time... take care of you and I mean it!!


  1. Oh I hear you Mistra - on all fronts - Scrapping, work, health, family, me! Sometimes we just need to step away and get some perspective and what better way to do it but on the couch for the afternoon. I hope you had a lazy one and you get to the Doctors next week and sort the dizziness out - I live with it on a daily basis so I know what you are feeling like.
    Hope you are back on track very soon.

  2. Missy, I know how you feel about hiding away!! I'm trying to get out of it!! I hope you get over the dizzy bit! I'm sure the doctors will sort you out! :) Maybe you should go to a chiro??? They sorted me! :)
    Look after yourself! I will send some MOJO your way! Just alittle as I don't want to loose it! lol