Friday, 31 October 2008

Dizzy Missy...

Those of you who read here, or talk to me IRL know that I've been suffering from dizzy spells. And those who talk to me a lot IRL also know that they are very frequent and exhausting... as in all day. The only relief {for which I am soooo grateful} is to lay down and rest. And I've got very worried over them...

Today I finally got in to see my doctor... and I have him baffled. The dizzy's are persistant but not constant; as in sometimes I can get up and wander around and be fine, then sit down and spin out. The mornings aren't as bad as the days and evenings and some days are better than others... he has no idea! Great... I was really hoping for a "take this and you'll be better" deal here!!

So I have some anti dizzy drugs to take... they're kinda working. I just feel fuzzy now, but do I know it when they wear off!!

If the dizzy's aren't gone by Wednesday next week... I have to have a CT Scan.

Now I know that's only a precautionary thing, to rule out the worst scenario {... and confirm I have a brain LOL}, but still... it's scary. And even though my doc said he doesn't think anything like clots etc are happening in there the stupid "what if's" keep popping in my head, which I guess is normal as well... but still... what if! Certainly changes ones perspective on a few things!

So fingers crossed for a dizzy free Missy by Wednesday okies... I really don't want to have the CT Scan!!


  1. Mistra hope that everything is fine - just some other thoughts - are you having any allergies at the moment, have you changed anything (smells/diet/brands of anything) lately and /or are you stressed......
    Just some thoughts.....I am sure that the dr asked all that stuff anyway.
    CT isn't too bad to go through.....and it is great to show people the scan and have the fact that you do have a brain!! lol
    All the best...

  2. you will be fine.. there is much hope for you having a brain.. they found one in my head after all.
    I know how the what if's game goes too hate that one.. but you will be fine and we are all here for you if you want to talk.
    take care chicky and chat to you soon.