Saturday, 18 October 2008

Something to share...

OK... finally some layouts to share with you, they're not the best though so don't expect any inspiration to happen from this lot! Mojo has seriously left the building here...

This one... kind of saved an extremely tragic layout of Tat, one of Jill's UYS {Use Your Scraps} challenges over at ScrapWitch. This was to use your stickers as a border... finally got rid of these ones!

Again thanks to one of Jill's challenges, of course I have the bloody date wrong... this is where my brain is atm... of in fairy land! It should be Aug 2007... anyway... it's been a year since I've had these pics and one of Jill's sketches came to the rescue.

Did this scrapping at Scraptivate last week with Jules. We had a wonderful night, filled with lots of giggles as always. Caught up with Jen and Vicki as well there, was great to see them again! Jen is always an inspiration to me, even when she's in "no go mojo" land as well!! I did have to rely on one of Becky's PageMaps sketches though... but I'm happy with it in the end...

And another of PageMaps sketches' being used... they're my saviour atm! This is the mess Karen and I made when she was staying this Sept... we had such fun, and it was great to just leave it all out and come back to it later!

And finally another of Jill's challenges... a mini Step By Step, which I had to change to suit myself... as I do!! This is one of Toni Crane's pics from the retreat last year, have been wanting to scrap it and finally it is done!

And that's it. I still have a CJ to work on and still have the coffee filter CJ Penny gave me back at the Expo in June to get done... I really have to get onto that but my colour to use is Blue... eeek!! Well will do that when mojo comes home, it's for her cutie girl so want to do it well!

What else... not much, same old... have a slight addiciton to Facebook, sad I know... all I can say is, never ever say never!!

Have been sick and down for the count with a stupid annoying cold... and have the dizzies... blagh... over it. Over a lot of things atm, but won't go into them here... no-one needs to hear all that and it won't solve anything airing it all to the world... but I'm fine, the family is fine, MaD's is fine enough for the now... so really, most of my world is doing ok and that's all that matters!

On a really positive note... I finally have an assistant at work!! I'm training her from dead scratch, but she's catching on and she's such a cutey... makes me feel ancient though as she's almost 19 and has her whole future in front of her!! So it's hard work training from scratch as I still have to do the work of 2 people while she's learning the ropes, but it's so worth it, she'll be an asset and a great help I'm sure! With luck I'll hopefully be able to take that long service on 2010!!! Wooohooo!

Oooh and on a very exciting note, I have a couple of friends coming from interstate to see me for my 40th {next year... still ages away that one}... but THAT is soooooo exciting, I can't hardly wait!

And one last bit of excitement... I've just noticed our very first flower on the Macadamia... it's the 1st time it's flowered... so one day we'll have those nuts we've been waiting for!!

Until next time... take care of you!!


  1. Ahgh Shucks Mistra - that is really lovely of you to say that, Your layouts are georgeous! Love the one of Jules (our very own entertainment) Cant wait for Novemeber - will be great fun

    Luv Jen xxx

    How exciting a flower on your Mac tree - make sure you take a photo LOL

  2. These look great. I think everyone is struggling with their mojo at the moment. But looking forward to scrapping on Halloween.