Tuesday, 28 October 2008

So what's going on...

Have you noticed the world around you, as in your little world, not the whole world... has changed, or is changing, or is it only my little world?

There's a weird sort of tension/vibrancy thing happening... people around me are doing "things" - making changes, making statements, making innuendos, making somethings... some are fantastic positive steps, some are out of left field, some are outright destructive... and I sit here and wonder what is going on with so much all at once?!

Maybe it's always been this way and I've had enough time off this computer to notice, or maybe I've simply never paid attention and now am... maybe it's this dizzy thing I have happening... or maybe I've just lost the plot... who knows! LOL!!!

But there's definately something in the air... I can feel it stretching and pulling, grating and rasping... changes are happening and I wonder what the outcome will be!!

I hope the equilibrium of my little part ot the world finds it's balance soon, although I can say that at least the centre of my universe {my family} is all hunky dory and thriving... thank goodness for that!!!


  1. whats with the deep and meaningful.. lmfao.. no I agree with you on some level of all the weird things happening. I have questioned alot of things over the last few weeks.

    I am glad that things in your little family are all hunky dory though.

    hope you are feeling better.

  2. LOL... no idea, don't usually do deep and meaningful posts do I... must be part of this big universal shift!

    Thanks though... glad it's not just me... unless of course you and I both have lost the plot together!!

  3. count me in too Mistra!
    I'm always open to the idea of running away to a scrapping Island! hehe Leave all our troubles behind! hehe