Sunday, 5 October 2008

World Cardmaking Day... well Weekend!!

So... today was World Cardmaking Day... but Now Scrapping has made it NowScrapping Card Making Weekend... why settle for just one day!

We've had a Cyber Crop running since Thursday.. and we've had ourselves quite a bit of fun.. tonight especially has been a blast chattering away with everyone popping in.. not to mention the bottle of wine I managed to drink... yep, I'll be paying for it in the morning!

I managed so far 3 cards and one... well something, still not too sure what it is...!!

This is for the Surprise Challenge... where we were to use a Nursery Rhyme for inspiration and then whatever combo of stamping, lave, buttons and ribbons we wanted.

I chose Ring a Ring of Rosies... and did 3 cards based on that one Nursery Rhyme:

Ring a ring of rosies
a pocketful of posies
a-tishoo, a-tishoo
we all fall down

Ring a Roses:

A Pocket Full of Posies:

A-tishoo: {I have used tissues to make the background}

And I have to add this... this is the mess just 3 card created!

And this is my 'thingy'. It started out as a card for Vicki's challenge... various choices based with a Christmas Theme... it wasn't until I was half way through that I realised I forgot the Christmas Theme part of it {and yes, that was before I started on the bottle of Lancasters!}! So anyway... I've made a mini album in the end I'm thinking! Just need to add some journaling in there... had a ball making it!!

Sooo... 1am, and I'm still awake... need to be up early to tidy up a little more.. Scrappi Dais tomorrow... well today! So off to bed with me... will see what hangover follows!! LOL!!

Take care of you!!


  1. Well it's good to hear from you again Mistra and those cards are amazing girl. I hope the hangover is not too bad this morning. Enjoy your day scrapping.

  2. Just Beautiful!! As aways!! Oh and very girly!!!!

  3. Mistra they are just beautiful.