Monday, 23 November 2009


we need to remember:

"Feelings are everywhere, be gentle" ~J Masai

I joined a FB group about Karma, {as you do} and this popped up on one of their updates. I like it, really like it, it hits a soft spot in my heart... wise words I want to keep in mind, hard as it can be.

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. I for sure know about that! I will be forever sorry about the feelings that I wasn't caring of! Love xoxoxoxo

  2. We're only human and all hurt others, even those we love... and often it's quite unintentional, I know I do... but would like to try not to.

    Can you imagine what a wonderful world this could be if we all remembered that one little line... LOL, maybe a little boring but it would be ever so peacful! ;-)

  3. What a lovely, thought provoking thought. Thanks for sharing - mwah :)