Friday, 16 April 2010

Don't you love it when...

something comes together easily!

I was determined to use one of the Twiddleybitz Cages I have in my stash to complete a challenge over at the TBZ Ning site. So I've grabbed it out, asked Tina who was online at the time to tell me some colours, nothing like throwing a friend in the hot seat - so she chose shabby white... with brown under the white... and teal embies, mmmmm yum, I was set, some of my FAVE colours to scrap with, but I've not really used on my OTP stuff yet.

And so I created this, and I think without being told what colour to use, it would still be in bits on my desk, unloved! Sometimes you just need that little kickstart!

Oooh and see that little Dusty Attic {sigh} Hanging Sign, that came in my prize yummies from Evana... it was perfect!!

Take care of you.


  1. is this the piece you were worried about using the heat gun on???

  2. The very one... it did get heat gun treatment, I managed not to burn anything!!