Sunday, 11 April 2010

I've had a lovely weekend...

Friday night out with Tina at Inspired Crafts, where it is FAR to easy to spend FAR too much, so felt deliciously naughty!

I created this... yes, just this over a 6 hour crop {well there WAS shopping involved of course}, I created it for a challenge at Home & Scrapped to use handmade items, more than 1 photo and some fabric. I'm really happy with this one...

Then I did this one, it was a recipe challenge set by Angie... lots of fun, but I forgot the doodling bit {I think that was part of selective memory!}

And then this one... Bri's BiLingual Challenge {and yes I'm sure my French is wrong LOL}, I melded it with a challenge at Kraft It Up, their Monochromatic Challenge {I used orange, obviously!}

So that's this weekend's scrapping... the creative urge has been satisifed!

Today I mopped {forever mopping}, then cleaned the kitchen, moved some stuff around, cleaned the lounge room... mum & dad came over for a cuppa, then Darren got a bee in his bonnet, love those bees! He strung up a line so we could hang the washing in the sun {we usually just use the drier} and we were able to get on top of a laundry full of washing! I think we need a real washing line after all these years, it's so much quicker and bizarrely fun, that could be the whole novelty factor though! But we've had a lovely day... feel like we have accomplished something!

Take care of you.


  1. Hi Mistra, gosh I love all of these!! I love the orange one (of course, orange fiend that I am!) and the delicious detail of the vintage... but the simplicity of the windmill layout just drew me in straight away. Stunning work xx

  2. you have been busy !!!! Love your windmill LO the background paper is so perfect! Love your mono too! that dessert looks yummo!!!!!