Monday, 26 April 2010

Dusty Attic Goodness

I'm loving this 'gig' as Evana calls it... love it, totally! I picked up my first pack of Dusty goodies to play with on Saturday and play I have... as soon as I could!

My first play was with one of the Tribal designs, how perfect for boys! I also fluked having this paper in my stash with almost the exact design... one has to LOVE it when that happens! And no... I don't have huge stashes of PP, but when you scrap mostly a boy {and a teen one at that}, whenever you see a teen boy style paper you grab it!

And then today I did this: I love this... big time. The pics just don't do it justice no matter how many shots I took. So thanks to my Tina who got me off and running with the whole "what to do with the chains" conversation {we brainstormed many ideas!}, everything flowed.

I'm so happy with the crackle on crackle effect.

So here I've used lots of Dusty Attic goodness! Ornate Corners, Chains, French Flourish Border {trimmed}, Adore Word, Song Bird and the Decorative Gate {turned upside down and 'hung' from the chains}. The Chains and Gate have been painted with Golden Stainless Steel & Micaceous Iron Oxide Paints, with touches of Turquoise for an aged look. The Corners, Song Bird and Word have been inked, glimmermisted and then embossed with UTEE.

Take care of you.


  1. OMG Mistra these are totally frikken awesome!!!! (sorry about the swearing... but omg you are SO talented!!!)


  2. WOW I so knew you would blow me away with your creation, and I so love our together brainstorming, we really do inspire each other :)

  3. Wow, you do the boy LO's perfectly. Love it all - heaps of inspiration. PS - your order is on it's way - enjoy!!

  4. Mistra that is just amazing. I adore all your work

  5. You are on a roll Mistra! Fantastic work!!! Would love to see this in person??!!!? Vicki

  6. Thanks everyone! I really have had a BALL with these... such fun!

    Vicki... if you're in the shop Friday night I'll swing by and show you IRL!!

  7. Just popped in to say hello...and introduce myself :) and say congratulations! Hopefully I'll get to meet you IRL one day!

  8. That is a definite WOW moment. If the pictures don't do it justice then it must be beyond jaw dropping IRL! Gorgeous.