Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mum / Son Day...

Kel and I had a mum/son date today, we did whatever he wanted. he asked me on Wednesday if I could just take one day off work, for just the 2 of us, how can a mum resist that. So luckily my boss felt the same way and let me have Friday off! So we went and saw How to Train your Dragon, which was a great movie, really loved it. Then we did some shopping and got him some new shoes, tshirt and some shorts/trackies for school. Next was donuts to bring home and lunch to eat... and then a stop at Bells Rapids {not so rapid atm though} for a walk along the riverbank. Was a lovely day, I'm so glad he requested we do this, just he and I nattering on with no rushing here or there... just enjoying one another's company.

The not so rapid Bells Rapids:

don't ask... he's a teenager:

rockin', on the river?:

Take care of you.

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