Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I am going to be learning how to make these:

"Time" Flooded Canvas by Linda Baldock

"Night Fall" Flooded Canvas, by Linda Baldock

How cool is that... can you just IMAGINE all the little techniques used to make this... and it looks like it will be FUN & MESSY, can't wait to get my hands dirty!

I have to say I'm only mega excited about this, I've known Linda for about 4>5 years, chattering on and off depending where our lives take us at times, but we've never met IRL. I've made fabulous friends who knew her quite well when she lived here in Perth, it seems our paths were meant to cross, but finally we're going to meet each other and I get to learn from her as well, eeek it's a wee bit nerve-wracking as well! Linda has been a big inspiration to me, to get out there and try new things and just play, to enjoy it and the journey that comes with it. She's a fabulous artist and quite a woman!

So... classes are at Scraptivate in May. Linda is teaching 2 the different canvases on separate days, so if you want to learn the 'how', call Scraptivate on 9444 6626 and book in, don't take too long because they are going FAST! And take the time to pop over to Linda's Blog for a visual feast or her artwork.

Take care of you.


  1. Hi Mistra!

    gorgeous blog...wish Ilived in Perth so I could do the classes on the canvases, just love em!!

    hope you are interested in the below info.....

    I am sending you an invite to come join me on ARTastic challenge blog, and From Screen 2 Scrap. It would be great if you could join as a follower and get all the latest updates.

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    This is a challenge site where we take inspiration from the great artist with a little bit of added criteria

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    This is a challenge site where we take inspiration from movie posters with a little added criteria.

    In May ARTastic will be celebrating its 1st Birthday we have over $300 worth of prizes to give away, so I would love you to join in and have a chance of winning 

    Special Offer – If you join either or both sites and enter a layout for the challenge in April and/or May, you will receive an extra bonus point to go towards your voting tally at the end of the month.

    Overseas scrappers welcome 

    Hope to see you soon!


  2. Wow - these canvases are absolutely breathtaking!!! No wonder you are mega excited!!! :)

  3. oh oh oh! Excitement plus!!
    LOVE Lindas work! Can't wait to see your creations!!!
    Have fun chook!