Sunday, 1 January 2012

Farewell 2011...

So, I was asked about my Top 10 for 2011... Top 10 what?  Layouts, projects it seems, how hard is it to choose from your own work!  But I am going to give it a whirl!

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This one... because, hello - Twilight, does it need anything more LOL!  I love my Twilight themed layouts, but this one with the grey, black and red, love it!

Yes... another Twilight one, but I love this for a different reason.  A few actually.  It was the first time I tried something different, I had Michelle 'holding my hand' via Whatsapp while I did it and it was published... but mostly it was trying something very new to me, that spraying of a perfectly good Layout was a hard step, and it set me free!!

This one is of my niece Lily, quiet for once!  I love the soft prettiness of this one... and the memories of the day... a girls day out just myself, my sister and my niece.  Was fun!!

This one is an old photo of Darren and I, way way back... just before we were married, it was so nice to scrap it with such beautiful products!

Penelope my Art Doll I created for a swap... she now lives in England.  I was so proud of her, really need to create another just for me, but it's not the same!!

I love my Shadow Boxes I have created... this is my favourite of them all!  It took me ages, just waiting for the right elements to come along, it was the toadstools and fairies that just finished it off!

My hubby... yep he gets in there as well.  I love the calmness to this one, the photo, the colours and the simple uncluttered style.

More OTP... I adore this, mum has in now, she claimed it before it had even finished drying!   But it suits her house more than mine, so I must have made it for her!

My boy... love this kid so much!  He's just turned 15 and I still can't believe I have a 15 yo!!   I love all his photos, and I love this LO... the textures and depth, and the fun I had creating it!

And this one... 2 beautiful people I have in my life right now!   Memories of the fun we had while away, the time I got to spend with Michelle, the hours I poured into making this one... and again, the fun I had while creating!!

OK... so that's them, I could add another 15 more I am sure, and I think that's 11 there anyway {was never great at maths}.  

Looking back, I need more photos of my hubby and son, but I also notice that a lot of my faves also are created 'with' someone, be it at a crop or at home with friends chatting via some social network.  

Thanks to my girlfriends, I treasure the time you have shared with me.  Time is precious for us all and with a heavy weekday workload and loving my family time as well as my creative time it's not always easy to be the social butterfly I used to be, I do miss that - all the crops and late nights out, but I feel more balanced now... much more balanced actually.  Thanks to Whatsapp and my iPhone, I'm only a message/video/audio away and can keep in contact with whoever is up for a natter!  To all my friends, thanks for being 'there' for me in some shape or form. Some through some rough times, always inspiring me and supporting me, others just to say "Hi, how are you?".  It's been a good year in all, even with some grey months thrown in there... I'm flat out busy, or I'm comatose on the couch, but all in all, it's been ok... hoping 2012 is GREAT though, I think it will be - I think there a more than a few of us who deserve it to be!!


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  1. Love them all! Who's the idiot who told you to do this? LOL

  2. Just some Jersey Brat, you might know her?!

  3. beautiful layouts mistra i especially love that second twilight one, it is just stunning!! xo