Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back on the Rollercoaster...

So much for Darren's career path. The centre where he was going to work and train have decided they don't need anyone for 2 years, after we get a formal job offer 3 weeks ago. Darren has already resigned from his old job... and as 1st April {yeah great... we know who the fool is} won't have a job.

We are deeply suspicious of the 'new' lady, who has been none to nice to either of us since she started... and we've already caught her out on a lie.

The bigger kick in the guts from Darren being the Chair there for almost 2 years... not to mention the 18 months I've put into the centre. We have helped them financially, emotionally and physically doing the right thing by our community centre where our son still needs to go for BS & AS Care. Needless to say we are now looking for other options.

Another lesson for us to learn... don't do nothing for no-one unless they are family or close friends. Wish it was so easy as that.


  1. Mistra not a good run for you guys at the moment - things will look up - thinking of you....

  2. what nasty nasty people there are out there.. Darren can always run your business for you full time.. hehe.. ok bd idea.. I hope things look up for you both soon

  3. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx5 March 2007 at 08:33

    I am sorry to read what's happened. How rude and unprofessional of them to tell him he is now not needed after they had already given him a job offer. That's very wrong!!!

    I hope something better comes along soon and he does get his career on the path he wants it to be:)