Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Yeah... I'm blogging... for today, at this moment. Been a while... again. Sounds like a broken record that part, but soon to be over! Today, in a 'clear' moment... I've discovered what it was I've been searching for over the last year. And it wasn't more... it was less, and now I know that... I can see that I will again be truly happy.
What you want is not always {well rarely is} what you need. Pity it's cost me a lot to learn that! But I am blessed that it didn't cost me my family and close friends... yeah, my health suffered... but that's fixable.
Some reading this may not have any idea what on earth I am on about... but I know, my friends know, my family know, you don't want to know - honest, trust me there! I'm not going to go over it here. This is my place of peace... I'm moving on and what is past is past, I now look towards the present and future and it will be good.
But next time I do something as mental as put a friggin' permanent pink stripe through my hair... can ya book me into the pshyc ward because if that wasn't a cry for help I have no idea what is! LOL!!


  1. Mistra we are here for you!! Pink stripes wont get you admitted but if you ever go fluoro green that is a different story.....

  2. haha... the pink was different.. and if you want to get admitted go the same time as me.. then we can be roomies.. haha

  3. Hmm pink and fluro Green.. Nahhh Just isn't you Mistra. You know where we are when and IF you ever need us. Looking forward to sunday!!

  4. Ditto to all.. you know where we are :-)

    And the pink stripe.. thought it was groovy myself,, but yeah if you go green or blue.. Kim will be taking you to work with her and not bringng you home. LOL

  5. Still here and love that pink stripe. At least you didn't do a Brittany Spears and shaved it off. Or we'll worry then . LOL