Monday, 19 February 2007

I love my Hobby!

I so love scrapping... I really do. I love the creativity it allows me, the memories it's recording and the friends I have made through it.

Got together with the girls on the weekend and had a great time, scrapped, laughed... ate! And even cuddled the ever so sweet baby Tyler {why have I not done that yet... bad bad scrap aunty that I am}

So I did a monogram for a swap I'm doing, then a couple of LO's.

Yeah... a bit plain. It's based on a sketch by Becky Fleck {trust me the sketched looked far better than what I've done to it!}... but well... I was a bit lost without my flowers!! But I love the colours on it!

And this one is a photo I 'found' hiding on the putah of Kel and our god-daughter Courtney. Are they not oh so cute! I love this LO... 'cept forgot to add the date before scanning it... oh well, it's there IRL now, am loving red and brown though atm... my new comfort zone!

I'm so looking forward to the Boxx Retreat, more scrapping, more laughing, more eating... punch and planes {well maybe, the plane may have landed by now}... oh oh and the 'energina buzzy', hmm wonder if he appears?! ROFL... what happens when away, stays when away. I found the LO's I did from last years retreat and I was totally giggling over them again... we had such fun!!

Had a very very low day today. No reason for it... just happened that way. So I came home from work early and hid from the world for a few hours. Am feeling somewhat better for it now though, at least I know the signs and what to do. Hide... when the world gets confusing just go hide for a couple of hours... does wonders!!


  1. I dont care what anyone says but I did say ENERIZER BUNNY... i did I did I did.. honestly.. haha

    I am soo looking forward to it aswell.

  2. great LO's Mistra - looking forward to the retreat too - willhave the itineray out soon!!!!

  3. LO's are great Mistra... not boring at all. Love the red and brown together also!
    The retreat weekend will be great for you to get away and have some fun and some You time! Enjoy!

  4. Mistra, I really love the Fleck sketch lo! Right up my alley! Love the colours too and Kel and Courtney look sooo cute!


  5. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx21 February 2007 at 09:20

    Great layouts as always. I love the second ones colours and the photo is wonderful. I too have a thing for flowers and use them on lots of my layouts too.

    I so wish I was coming to the Boxx retreat so I could meet you and all my other Boxx friends. I am sure you will be laughing all week end.

    Hope your feeling happier today and don't need to hide away:) xxoo

  6. Hi Mistra, great layouts, love them both. I wanna go to the retreat to, but can wait till the May one I suppose, take care of yourself.