Saturday, 3 February 2007

the prodigal blogger...

is at least trying to find some time to write in here! I really should make more time... but I'm finding that every spare moment I have I either need to sleep or hang with my boys. Guess it happens that way from time to time... life... it goes on!

Well we had a big cyber crop 2 weekends ago now... and I'm only just sharing the LO's now, yeah I know. I'm a slacker! 1st one is for a challenge to use only your scraps and I pushed myself further and also only used RAK items for the whole lot. Was fun... is very pink and girly for me! 2nd one was for a challenge to scrap a LO finishing the sentence "Happiness is..." simple challenges for the first one... next one will be harder!!

So what have I been doing... other than running a scrap shop. Work... yep, still have to work full time as well. That's ok though... my choice. Believe it or not sometimes it's good to not think about scrapping! Work has been rather stressful these last 2 months though... hopefully that will sort itself out soon...

Sooo... what have I done... not a lot. Seen some movies with Dags and Kel... oh did the Australia Day thing at Minnawarra Park with the family last week... I think Aust Day is fast becoming my favourite holiday of the year! Chillin out, sitting with family and extended family amongst a crowd decked out in Aussie Flags, show bags, bands... then the fireworks! Always a great night!

Today I got my hair cut for the first time in about 8 years... yeah.. about 8 years. I usually cut it myself, but it was time for a treat. Got them to do some funky colour to it as well... although we still need to build one of the colours... they've stripped it back and I have fudge in there, so it will build up or fade as I want... and I can change the colours as well. So soon the motley colours will be even... just my hair was so dark and had to go so light! She straightened it also... and wow... I almost don't recognise myself! And guess what... I was expecting horror on Dags' face when I got home... and didn't get it! He loved it... wow!

OK... so that's about all. Yep... nothing too exciting in my life, but that's a good thing!!


  1. I love the hair do :)
    really cool, is it permanent straighten, or just on the day type straighten (am I making any sense LOL )

  2. OMFG.. well thats new.. um.. ok I will see it today.. you not said anything.. omg.. amazing hehe

  3. Awesome hair mistra Love it !!! :D Thanks for the great challenges the other week too. :D

  4. Love the new look Mistra!
    btw you have been tagged! :)