Sunday, 25 February 2007

That's It!

I've had enough... it's over ok guys... let it be in the past and stay there!

For those of you have been reading my blog, friends blogs and certain forums and making your own assumptions... here is some of my side. For goodness sake... here I was trying to make no comments in my own defence or ever thinking of attacking others, trying to keep the peace and do what is right.

I closed down the MaDscraps Forums... because I had to... for my health, my family and for my sanity. I HAD to do this for me... BUT I tried to find an alternative for people. I did not say they had to join this site, it was merely a suggestion for those who didn't know any other places! And... I also had asked the site owners permission before suggesting it. I'm not rude no matter what some people may think.

YES... I was offered help of sorts... but in the end it was me at the helm and this I could not cope with.

NO... I did not plan this when I bought the site & shop, I'm not evil, geeshe. I'm just a normal person trying to cope the best I can. If I had not bought it, or if no-one else had bought it, the site & shop was going to be closed down anyway, so there was always a possibility. It's something I didn't want to happen so I bought it! There... now you all know one of the reasons I bought it. I bought it because of loyalty, love of scrapping and the dream that I could do it all... but I couldn't.

And yet... even after the forums have been ressurected by the original owner so everyone has their community {which I think was wonderful of her to do}... I still get crap over it.

I'm a good person... trying to cope with a lot of issues and doing what I can to get on in this world... I am not some evil entity out to destroy everyone's social structure.

I hold no grudges... I'm not like that... I would hope others would do the same. It's too small a world and too short a life to be carrying on this way. I'm not sure who it is causing all the rukus... nor do I really care. People react in different ways to events and how they cope is their business... I would merely like the same respect.

Please let it be now... please let my friends alone... life is too short.


  1. here here Mistra.. about time peple knew exactly how you felt and if they cant take it from you then stuff them..

    you know we are here for you if they aren't. Thats what friends are for.

    Take care darl.. mwah

  2. Hallelujah AMEN!

    So glad you have spoken your mind, about time 'those' people get put back in their places.

    Mistra your a gorgeous person and a placid sole, anyone that would even think you would scheem and plan crap like that is delusional!

    You do what's right for you, your health and your family, You have the support from those of us who really care!

    Hugs to you girl!

  3. Thanks girls. I do have a lot of support or at least understanding from friends IRL as well as online... for this I am blessed because it is your and their friendships that have helped me get through... that and the unfailing support of my family.
    A lot of these people don't blog surf and were only involved via forums.
    There were lots of bad reactions {on my behalf as well}, most were founded and I respected. But those people also have shown they understand... and that means the world to me.

  4. OK - whos heads to I have to butt together!!!
    Take care of you Mistra - you are a top person and we all love you!! People must respect the fact that you gave it a damn good go and you should be proud of the effort that you put in.....

  5. Hugs Mistra,hope the following months are really good ones for you, Love those new layouts.

  6. Mistra,

    Big Hugs for you sweetheart. You know you need to do what you feel is best for YOU. And you're the only one who knows what that is. Take good care of you.

    The new layouts are sensational. He's growing into a very handsome young man!!! I like all the orange shades you've used. Lovely.

    More HUGS!!!!! Vicki

  7. Thanks Lee, Vicki. You 2 are a couple of very special gals and I do miss chattering with you both.

    I'm so happy my scrapping has come back to me... and orange shades - LOVE them at the moment!

  8. So glad you got that off your chest. Maybe now everyone can move on.

    So good to see you scrapping again

    Peta xx

  9. hoping ya feel heaps better now thats out of your system! Look after YOU!

    Wonderful to see you back scrapping again!!!!

    Get ready for DA plane da plane

  10. Hugs Mistra. xxx

    You can't please everyone all of the time, so good for you doing what you needed to do for yourself. Love the new work and great to see your mojo back.

    xxx Bee

  11. glad you are all okay and life's is on the up for you and we can chat on SW and E-mail each other

    Go girl Go

    Hey one day I'll come and see you in the west