Monday, 9 February 2009

Photo Tagged...

Jewels tagged me for this Photo Tag, which is really pretty cool... be cooler if I had my PC working as I have more albums on there!

What you do is go to the 6th album in your photo stash and post the 6th picture and then tell us a little about it...

That's Kel washing my car last month... definite documention time as he never washes the car {nor do I for that matter}!! Sorry it wasn't anything more exciting!

I actually file my pics by year, month, then date... so I did 6 and 6 and then 7 {because I didn't want the whole 666 thing happening}!! LOL, and it's so recent because I'm on the laptop which has some albums from early last year and then more recently... but nothing inbetween or earlier. I could go drag out my backup disks, but that would be getting a tad too hard for a worknight!

So now I tag 6 more bodies:


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