Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Weekend Scrapping... and life update...

I did this on the weekend, starting at the Midnight Crop @ Scraptivate and then finishing the finer details at home! Had a ball, and yes, again it's one of the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Albums, I love them!

These are pics from Karen's 30th I went to... I have heaps more pics, but these sum up the best parts!

I have some girlfriends coming over on Saturday night for a Scrap-Over... where we get decked out in our jammies and scrap all night. Heather went to one and it sounded like such fun that I had to do the same! I can't wait... will be fun! I've been saving my little projects I work on through the week for it and have a heap of fab photos from the weekend to scrap as well, not to mention the rest of my Melbourne pics LOL!

Last Saturday I went to Nev's for the evening, it was a wonderful night! Mum was up there and Arthur's sister Sharon and her hubby... was a really lovely night. Gotta love family for an easy going good time don't ya!

Work... crazy as usual, it wears me out very quickly these days. Not too sure what I can do to change that... other than leave, but no matter how infuriated I get I don't want to do that, I like my job and most of the people I work with... not often you find that these days. It will get better, just have to last until it does!

Shop Sale is still going, there's not a lot left compared to what I had! I'm so pleased. After the first rush I now get 1 to 2 orders a day... which is great, hopefully it won't be long until enough has gone that I can close it all down and get on with loving my new freedom.

I've put a Making Memories Slice on backorder, Karen was loving hers but it wasn't until Jen said she'd fallen in love with it that my interest piqued {Jen's like me with that kind of scrapping technology... doesn't use 'that stuff'}... so I had a demo and WOW, I so want! So now I finally am happy to part with the neglected unused Quickutz Silhouette and replace it with this... I will use this little one! And why you ask since I didn't use the far more versatile Silhouette? Because it's little and portable and can sit on my desk and look at me... it will suit me far better. Anyone want a Quickutz Silhouette going cheap? LOL!!

What else... oh... Kel and I have adjusted very well to our new low-carb lifestyle. As of last Friday Kel has lost 2.4kg and I have lost 2.7kg, fabulous effort for just a week!! I am amazingly proud of Kel though, he's done so well and has adjusted to our new ways withouth a hitch. I have found him icecream and chocolate that are very low in carbs as treats, as he's a kid and needs a 'treat' now and then, they'll also help him control his addiction as well and that's what it's all about... nows and thens, not always!! So far he's had 1 icecream and 2 squares of chocolate, previously they wouldn't have lasted the weekend, so proud of him!!

Well that's about all... will let you know how the ScrapOver went next week! Until then... take care of you!!


  1. Just bopping along to your playlist here......

    Hey, good on you and Kel!!! So awesome!

    Love your mini book too - look like you guys had a ball.

  2. Love that book, but love the pic of Kel & you more...gorgeous!!! Go you too with the trimming down!!! Super effort. xoxoxoxo
    Are you serious about the Silhouette?

  3. Awesome book Mis...bet Karen wants it!! Love the gorgeous photo of you and your precious Kel...beautiful!!

  4. Good on you for having a pajama party! Sounds like a blast. I must admit, I am considering organizing something similar here. Gotta love Heather for inspiring all of us!

    BEAUTIFUL pic of you and Kel. Can't wait to see you scrap it. And your album of Karen's bday is fabby.