Sunday, 8 February 2009

What have I created...

....nothing! LOL, other than a huge mess, which is now back under control, nothing like mum saying "I'm coming over Sunday to shop" to get things tidied up!

Friday I started back on my carb free lifestyle... and MAN the withdrawals Saturday were shocking, but today I'm feeling much much better! I'm not going as strict and obsessive as I was previously as I need to make this a lifestyle change not a diet... and Kel is changing his lifestyle with me, although for him we are only cutting out the really high GI carbs such as potatoes, bread, pasta etc. He's struggling as he wants biscuits and chips etc, but he'll get there. I'm so proud of him!! Thankfully he likes nuts and meat and cheese and yoghurts and fruit, so we're halfway there... I'm allowing myself some of the yoghurt this time as well, berries and fruit if I crave something sweet... so far though I'm ok with all the really low carb veggies and meats.

I've been packing up orders like a MaD thing! The MaD's newsletter went out last week announcing the sale and closure... the response in orders has been almost overwhelming... it's wonderful to see everything going to new homes! I have to go to Officeworks after work tomorrow as I went through a whole roll of tape in 2 days and need more!

But creativity has gone AWOL, hopefully it returns next week as I'm scrapping Friday night at Scraptivate... although I'll likely take along a mini album to work on and take all the hard decisions of what to scrap out of my scrappy life...

Dags is picking up my PC today... I'm so excited! Although it means lots of work {MYOB processing a few months worth of orders}, but it also means I have my LIGHTROOM back... woohoooo!!! I have suffered without my Lightroom!

Well that's all for now... hopefully some creativity will surface later and I can at least get my next 52Q Tag done!

Until next time... take care of you!

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