Friday, 20 February 2009

Not for the Faint Hearted...

I've cursed myself!

The other day I was rabbling on to Jewels about her wolves and mountain lions and our snakes and spiders... and then today, while watching Shadow cutely play in the leaves... mousing for sure... he comes out with this in his mouth!! A baby Dugite!! OMG these are poisonous, and while a baby one won't hurt me, it could do damage to my baby boy {Shadow... the cat}!

So I'm out there running around the back yard like a total goose with a block splitter trying to get a 12inch long snake that Shadow keeps picking up and running off with.

In the end I give up... Shadow kills it and then lets me {well Darren, no way I was going near it} put it in a jar and we have our first snake... hopefully it's the last one!


  1. Weird! I'm glad Shadow won the battle though. Must be tough for a kitty in snake country ;P

    Sorry we jinxed you Mis. I'm going home to check for lions right now! lol

  2. LOL... you always make me giggle! Keep an eye out for the bears as well okies!!

  3. OMG Mis!!!!!! That would be enough to send me running to the nearest airport and go somewhere cold!!!!