Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Scrappi Dais... Scrapping!!

Last Sunday we had our Scrappi Dais day, thanks Chelle for a lovely day... oh and sorry I took up half the table ladies, guess I'm a bit to spoilt at home now, selfish sod that I am!!! Anyway I scrapped, in fact I made a big start on the mini album I wanted to do for our annual Scrappi Dais Wine Tour last year!

It was made VERY easy by using this Cosmo Cricket Blackboard album, which means I didn't have to cover the whole page, it already had a good base and I merely needed to add the photo and some embies! I've had these in the MaDs shop for ages, only sold 1 or 2 of them... and not having a huge interest in OTP stuff never grabbed them myself... well now I am changed! I loved these so much I've taken the rest of them of the shop shelves for me... so sorry, you've missed out!! Basic Grey made a chocolate coloured board ones as well... so I'm going to trial them very soon!

What surprised me though is just how much I loved doing this... in fact one of the last mini albums I made was the Fave Photos 07 one and I loved doing that as well, but this was much more fun. So I think I'll be making heaps more!

So here are the pages I have done so far... I have more photos to print yet so I've not finished by far... and have journaling and bits to do yet as well, but had to share nonetheless, and look more purple creeping in there... I seriously need to talk to myself, I don't scrap in purple!!

So that was the weekend... well Sunday; Saturday I did the whole school book shop for Kel. He's happy back at school, same teacher still... which is great as she is lovely and has put a lot of work into helping him. We have so far to go though to get him ready for High School next year...

Work is still stressful, dizzies are coming back almost daily again. but not all day and I know they are coming on.. and yes, have spoken to the boss and we're trying to find ways to get through it. It's just hard right now with needing to train my lovely Taysha {wild child that she is ;man she makes me feel so OLD}, but not having the time to do it because quotes are insane. But we will persevere and it will be worth it in the end, just have to get to the end in one piece!

Home however is nice and peaceful... we have a lovely roll happening. In the evenings Kel and I have gotten into the habit of watching Boston Legal and/or Miami Animal Police together {our fave shows at this time}... he's just at the great age where he's analysing on a more adult level and we can rabble for ages about this and that... I'm really enjoying this time!!

The house is a mess and we can't find anything, but we have a plan and once I've reclaimed the shop as part of the house again we can go through and gut one room at a time and get them looking spic and span again, throw out the junk, new paint etc... bring a new vibrancy into our home. So for now I don't care, so long as its liveable {and tidy enough for crop days}, then the rest will come soon enough!

So far... it's a good start to the year!


  1. So love your album! You look after yourself! We don't want you getting sick on us!

  2. Thanks muchly re the album, I'm pretty pleased with it myself...

    And no worries about me, I won't get sick... just dizzy... and that can be amusing!! But I am looking after me as much as I can... promise mum!!

  3. Love Love Love the album they are such "Jenny" colours !!!

    Yes you are right about my "little edit" on the bike photo! Hahahahaha - I couldnt take too much off or it would have looked even more weird!

    Let me know when you are ready for our tutorial - no Pressure though - just any time you are ready

    Luv J xxx

    See ya on the 13th xxx