Sunday, 18 August 2013

Random Ramblings - De-clutter and Spreading Out

I decided the other day it was time to get control of my scrap room... adding another style into the mix really called for me to get organised and I was feeling closed in, I'd even started to take over the coffee table in the lounge room... I seriously had too much 'stuff' that wasn't being touched.

And so the chaos began Friday night... I dragged drawer after drawer into the lounge room and sorted through each of them.  I managed to reduce what was in three drawers into one on average, wow!

{Sorry the pics aren't perfect... dark day/night and was quickly snapping with the iPhone}

After many times thinking "can I just quit now" I managed to get part of the room looking like this...

Unfortunately I still had to deal with this... 

Finally... at 11:30pm I had perfection.  I was surprised I kept my desk in the same spot, but it works there, and having moved the cabinets back {after moving 2 huge bookcases and a whole bunch of 'stored' items out into other rooms} I had heaps more space.

I'm just loving the space I have now... and I actually sit in this chair, it's nice and cosy.

Lots of space is taken up with my 'schtuff' but I hate to hide it away and I'll have lots displayed, which get rotated as I create new stuff!

My little inspiration area... it didn't change either.  I need to peg some stuff up though!

It's so wonderful to have it done on target... I really didn't think I was going to get it finished today, but I needed it done because I have some layouts I need to finish tomorrow, and now I can create them in blissful surroundings!  Most of the drawers in my cabinets are now empty... but I doubt that will stay that way for too long.  I was going to have a set of cabinets for Mixed Media and OTP, one set for scrapbooking and another for Project Life, but it didn't end up that way yet.  I have made a little Project Life area though, kept all the bits for that separate since my Mixed Media and Scrapbooking often overlap and Project Life will be quite different for me.  Now I just need to repaint... one day... later... wayyyy down the track LOL!

But now, it's past midnight... and I'm blogging LOL!  I'm exhausted, my back is screaming at me, by shoulders hurt, my feet hurt, my neck aches, but my fingers are good... and I feel satisfied and happy.  Kel kept popping in to give me cheek all day, kept me motivated - he even cooked me lunch {baked beans on toast}.  Right now he's rugged up on the couch keeping me company, chattering away about some You Tube something that I have a feeling I'll be watching with him very soon.  Love it when he shares these snippets of his life with me, even if I don't quite get it LOL!

I think it's time for a Chai... then time to snuggle in bed after a hot shower to soothe my aches.  Night all!!

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  1. Well done Mistra- often just getting started is the hardest part! Hope you don't wake up too sore tomorrow so you can really enjoy your crafting in that gorgeous "new" space :-)

  2. Your freshly organized space is so inviting. I need some of that inspiration!! :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  3. Maybe you can come do mine now..I love your kitty in the pic :)

    1. She's a little sweetie... she's always with me, and so long as I don't show her any affection she'll follow me wherever I go. As soon as I snuggle her she's off LOL!