Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Grocery Bargains, Project Life

We've had a quiet week... nothing eventful happening, as most weeks go.  I actually like those weeks, the drama free ones LOL!

We started trying to organise our grocery shopping to pick up bargains where bargains are, and only the bargains.  Luckily we have 3 main grocery stores close to us that help so we're not wasting fuel running around after them.  And we're trying to stock up a little as we go {while sticking to a $200/week budget}... stocking up on condensed soup cans so we have them for soup night, or recipe bases, stocking up on loo rolls so we can jump from bargain to bargain, stocking up and laundry liquid while it's a great deal for the one we like, stocking up on pasta and noodles etc so they are always handy.  All those little things that help... so far so good. 

Last night I sat with Kel while he reluctantly did {or pretended to do} his homework and I went through the catalogues cover to cover, wrote down what we use and the prices, wrote down what we could plan meals around and pricing, compared them, cut them down, added others... it took me about 40 mins, but I think I saved us an easy $50!! 

What I'm excited about is that our meals now won't be the same old thing... they'll change to match what's on sale.  I know some weeks will be slim pickings bargain wise, but if we stock up a little we'll cruise through them.  Last night we had the most succulent pork roast {my man cooks a good roast}, with enough left over for lunch for me and dinner tonight... we're going to make a fried rice with the left over meat.  We have a soup planned with the left over fresh vegetables in the crisper from last week, throwing in some left over bacon ends we bought... so that should be delish, we'll cut that all up tonight and throw it in the slow-cooker and dinner for tomorrow is set.  Corned Silverside was on sale and although Darren doesn't like it much, Kel and I do, so that's another meal, and that will have left overs for corned beef and corn fritters the next day!  What else was cheap? Beef mince, so we got 2 kg - it was only $5/kg, perhaps not the leanest but even draining off any excess fat at that price it will still be cheaper than the premium grades.  I'll make a big batch up as a chili for taco's and the rest we'll freeze.  Boneless chicken thighs were on sale, as well as some simmer sauces... so there's an easy meal as well!

Financially things are tough for us with Darren not working... but I refuse to let that get to us.  We've been through tough times before and we'll get through them again, meanwhile I'll make the exercise of hunting for bargains a fun thing for us... a game - 2 weeks in and it's fun anyways LOL.  I do think Darren likes not having to decide what to cook for dinner for a change, makes things a little simpler for us all.  I choose and write the list, he goes and buys it, easy peasy!

I spent some time on the weekend getting some DT projects done, and getting prepared for another commission with ASI magazine {another goodie}.  I still have a load of looming deadlines, but have my 'dates' all planned out for them. I had a play date with a friend at Tomorrow's Memories all day Saturday, went and shopped while there was a class on and then scrapped into the night {those girls at TM's are so generous to us, we're spoiled rotten}, it was lotsa fun and I actually scrapped... eventually, we seriously talk too much LOL!  

18 months of photos, all dated and in order...
I even managed to finish some digital designs for a couple of friends and some for iMagineD also, made some lovely new fabric ruffles {that I REALLY must get onto my Etsy} and made a start organising my photos for Project Life.  I got them all sorted on the computer and then took them to be printed.  593 photos {thankful for my VIP card now, saved me over $30}!  Sounds like a lot but 300 of them were from my New York trip, so 293 photos for the last 18 months, that's a really sad effort LOL!  But hey, I've only been photographing the 'event's in our life, and they are few and far between.  So I'll get them done, it will ease me into getting my head around creating the Project Life way and then perhaps next year when I have less commitments I can throw myself into cultivating a good [photographed] life, even though I'm going to give it a go trying from now.

And yes I know it sounds funny that I need to 'get my head around' scrapping in such a simple format, but that's the problem... it's been so many years of scrapping 'artistically' that I've got no idea how to start simple, and flat!  Thankfully there is mountains of information out there by Project Lifer's that are really helping. Currently Elise Blaha is really helping me, also A Vegas Girl at Heart and of course Becky's Site where there's heaps of links and inspiration.   Just a quick look through Pinterest gives you so many options to follow and research... hmm maybe I've been doing too much researching and just need to make a start LOL!

he is not amused!
Oh I recall last Random Ramble I was thinking of going to the beach... we did!  It was wonderful, we for myself and Darren, Kel was none impressed... no computer.  So he stood on the beach reading a book, because he didn't want sand in his shorts LOL - I think I've not taken him to the beach enough!

We got fish and chips, sat on the beach {well not Kel} and ate them watching the sun slowly set... it was bliss!  The chips encouraged the seagulls so I took the opportunity to take loads of photos to try to get used to my fixed 50mm lens on the SLR, getting there!  It was chilly, it was trying to rain... but it was wonderful... another little moment of just 'being'.

Well that's about all for today... I should have some more creative posts next week, but you might get me back rambling before then - we'll see what the weekend brings!

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  1. I like your ramblings. Glad you shared.

    1. Thanks Theresa! I'm liking just rabbling on here... am enjoying the process, and you never know, one day it might click something in someone and make them feel not so alone, different, whatever in this crazy world we live in!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love how you are embracing the frugal life to adjust to your situation. Praying that work will come soon. We lived that lifestyle for many years when our children were young, and now that we don't "need" to, still do many of those things. ~ Blessings, Tracey

    1. I'm not sure I've embraced it well yet though Tracey! Practice makes perfect though... hopefully it gets easier.

  3. Such an honest post Mistra; it's amazing how far you can make things stretch when you have to; things have been tough for us in the past but it is family and being loved that gets you through. You know how much I love sunsets and why; that is an awesome photo! Have a wonderful week.

    1. Family sure is what gets you through Susan... so long as we have each other, nothing else really should matter!